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Sylvan Float Treehouse

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In the Red River Gorge
The Red River Gorge Geological Area spans 20 square miles with over 100 arches along with many miles of spectacular cliff lines. How would you like to stay in a cabin offering great views of this beautiful scenery?
Backcountry Shelter / Off the Grid
Our Backcountry Shelters and OFF THE GRID cabins are the ultimate experience offering the minimalist approach to enjoying nature's beauty. Featuring beautifully designed interiors with oak hardwood floors and naturally lit space, this series offers the perfect combination of modern amenities without forgetting the classic experience of a mountainside cabin.
Cozy cabins surrounded by 110 acres of Daniel Boone National Forest? Backcountry shelters that that may require 4WD to access them? Cabins that are only accessible by hiking? The secluded series offer absolute serenity, and a little extra adventure, for those have what it takes to enjoy nature's beauty.
Timber Frame Lodge