Sustainability Initiatives

Here at Red River Gorgeous Cabin Rentals, we aim to be mindful of our impact on the planet. We think about where things come from and where they go. Here are some initiatives we currently have underway...

We Support Renewable Energy 
By paying our electricity bill through Arcadia Power, we are supporting renewable energy sources like wind and solar. You can too! Check them out at

We Recycle
There are blue bins in every cabin. We collect recyclables and sort them in a system in our parking lot before hauling them to a local recycling center...usually to our friends at CRC in Morehead, KY. Check them out at

We Use Re-purposed Materials
Much of the doors, windows and flooring in our tree houses are on their second or third lives! The flooring in Tradewinds Tree House is from an old school gym floor. Many of our showers and counter tops are made from recycled chalkboards. 

We Insulate
For our new builds, we use a lot of insulation to cut down on the long term use of fuel for heating and cooling.

We Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances
Also for our new builds, we seek out the most energy-efficient hot water heaters, refrigerators, mini split systems and even hot tubs!